Friday, 5 September 2014

Reason behind why we are Tempted to put Others Down

 We always have chances to point out to someone their mistakes and things they could or should have done differently, ways they can improve.

We also have chances to “correct” people privately as well as in front of others.

But most of the time, the reason we are tempted to put others down instead of correcting them or showing them how we are right and they are wrong, is that, our ego mistakenly believes that if we point out how someone else is wrong proves we must be right,and therefore we will feel better.


Actually, if we pay attention to the way we feel after we put someone down, we will notice that you feel worse than before the put down. 


Avoid putting others down and correct them or show them how we are right and how they are wrong. Do it only when it is absolutely necessary and when it is your duty as a parent, guardian or a friend to do so..

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